Monday, May 22, 2006

At the Atlanta Aquarium

Last night, I went to a reception at the brand-new Atlanta aquarium. It was lovely.

The Beluga whales were fascinating...

And the tanks were gorgeous.

I got a glimpse of "Mr. Ray" from finding Nemo (and touched him, too):

and got in with the penguins (sorry, it was a bad picture of me so you're left with just the African penguins...)
Also touched a hammerhead shark (baby, of course).

And was absolutely fascinated by a floor-to-ceiling tank filled with huge grouper and schools of more rays.
And I glimpsed some cichlids.

Tomorrow, though, I'm in for a real, real treat:

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Jmatthews said...

How great the pictures are. And you get to see Wicked!!! How cool is that. I want to hear everything. Hope to see you soon.