Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Why I Need a Wheel

My spindles just aren't going to be able to handle the action.

Here is the Yarn Sniffer showing off my haul from M$&W:

On the far left in the plastic bag is a sweet batch of merino/llama/tussah silk roving. Then, the hank of roving is 100% merino, the two brown balls and the verigated ball in the center is some gorgeous chocolate roving, the yellow is a silk/alpaca/merino blend (oh so very soft) and the purple in the bag is mohair. The Yarn Sniffer is holding the two lovely balls of angora rabbit roving. The bag that is overflowing, my dears, is Sugar Pie. Sugar Pie is 3/4 Lincoln and 1/4 Navajo Churro. I swear, Sugar Pie is so fluffy and light, I can't wait to start spinning her up. In the foreground are my three spindles -- the far right is my new Bosworth complete with angora already started, the center is my Woodchuck lightweight with some mohair in a twist and the spindle nestled between the chocolate and cashew balls is the cute little decoupaged one I bought on a whim. That one is sampling the merino/llama/tussah silk.

I have to get the last bit of merino superwash off my Ashford spindle (bought in my pre-M$&W days), and between that one and the one that I took the alpaca off of, I'll have five spindles moving. I figure I'll start the sunny yellow next on an Ashford to see how it goes. But Sugar Pie and that chocolately brown trio? I'm saving them for the wheel...

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Trillian42 said...

You really did get quite a haul! We should meet up and compare some time. =)

And the silk hankies are quite easy to spin. If I had started with those, I might not have given up on my spindle quite so quickly.