Thursday, April 05, 2007

Well ladies and gents, today's the day. The "big" ultrasound, the big reveal (if the kid "shows its stuff"). Announcement will be posted here later today (appt is at 3:30), but probably not until after dinner.

Am I nervous? You betcha. Are we "hoping" for one gender over the other? Sure we are. Will we be thrilled either way? Of course!

It's been an interesting few weeks over here at Chez Spinneas as I've come to realize just how nervous I am about finding out the gender of Baby 3. The Yarn Sniffer has already told people that he's getting a baby brother, even though I've told him over and over that we don't know YET but that we will soon ... Zee isn't saying much (says he's nervous over the whole baby thing). Hubby admitted last night that he's got fingers crossed for "something different" (as he put it). Everyone and their mother (and mine) keeps talking about a girl. What I worry about most is that if it's a boy there will be an anticlimax ... you know, no real celebration or splash. After all we've done it twice before.

At Cub Scouts last night, one mom of three boys and I had a nice long chat about how I'm feeling right now ... you know, this anticlimactic feeling ... resignation that I could end up "always the mother-in-law" to a girl and never the mom ... this "last chance" feeling that comes from knowing that this is the last baby and the last shot for a girl. But then, in true Girlfriend style, she leaned over and said (with a hint of glee) "You know, Wendy, the three-boy club is a great place to be too ... but all the members will line up to play with a little girl, too!"

Truth is, so many of the boys' friends have brothers -- it's a "two-boy club" so to speak -- that a girl would be shocking too.

But health, not gender, is what's most important. I want to see a healthy heart, brain, kidneys, etc., WAY more than I want to see the other parts. OK, I want to see the other parts too -- way more than I show it -- and if the kid doesn't make it easy, I could very easily go over the edge.

Stay tuned.


J. Matthews said...

Finally had a chance to catch up with the postings. Will be waiting anxiously for the big "reveal". Love the baby sweater you did for Cat. Really adorable. And a "dragon" blanket, what a very cool idea. I'm sure you will be enundated with calls today so I will wait patiently and hope MY nails will get through the day.

Jolene said...

Hello. I met you at spinning the other night (I spun on Laura's wheel). We come from the other side of the equation. I have two girls and we just started working on the thrid addition to the family. Talk about stressful, the "last shot" that is. I wish you luck today for a healthy baby.