Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Just Baby

Bundle of sweetness: sweet coos, sweet breathing, sweet feet. It's all about Sweet L'il I these days and I love it when he wakes up to snuggle. He's such a little sweetheart, and I love everything about him.

His little smiles (don't tell me he's peeing and don't tell me it's just gas):

His little tootsies:

Even his "snarfuly face"...

I love that his big brothers love him, that his father is one of his best playmates ever, and that his favorite sleeping space for naptime is on my chest (we're working on changing that). It's funny ... this is my third child and it still amazes me how impossible it is to think of life without him :)

Babies are true handfuls, but wonderful handfuls ... and when it's been seven years since you've had one (and you've realized how much you missed it and how quickly these early days go by), you learn to cherish as much as you can.

I've been struggling lately with a nasty remark that was made to a third party and relayed later. It upset me at a truly irrational level, but I'm getting over it. Partly because of this little guy ... I want to remember every coo, every baby smell (well, not ALL of them), every herky-jerky movement. I want to burn the "snarfuly face" into my brain and not forget it. I want to always take solace in the memory of how it felt to have a five-pounder resting and snoring on my chest ... at peace. Everything else can wait for me.

P.S.: I got the house dusted.


soapturtle said...

Can't wait to see him on Friday night! :)

bySarah said...

He is SO SWEET Wendy!!