Friday, April 29, 2011

Talk of the Town

This morning, I had the pleasure of watching Prince William of Wales marry Catherine Middleton. While many moms were, no doubt, watching with daughters who were mesmerized by gowns, hats and all the pageantry of the royal to-do, watching with my son gave me a decidedly non-female perspective on the shindig.

- Does getting married make William the king? (She's wearing a tiara, Mom...)

- Why are the guards facing the crowds and not the procession?

- Who needs bayonets at a wedding? (But, like, wow!)

- Why did they come in cars and leave in coaches? (What's the deal with using an old car?)

- Why don't they just walk on that rectangle in the aisle?

- Why are two guys in red and two in black? (Should that old guy be dressed the same as Prince William?)

- Does Prince Charles really need a sword? In church? How can he take it in there?

- Um, really? Trees in the church?

- Why don't they just kiss at Westminster Abbey?

- Why didn't William's brother comb his hair?

- Can we move to Canada and have the day off when William's brother gets married? (Then can I say "eh?" as much as I want?)

- Whoa! That girl's hat has devil horns! What was she thinking?

All valid questions, really. Some I answered easily. Others, I looked up. Some I answered with a blank stare. At least there was tea.

Did you watch the wedding with a kid? What did you talk about?

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Life in the Mom Lane said...

Very funny! He was so right about many things- especially Beatrice's hat and Harry's hair. Love a kid's perspective. Evan said "wow, it's so pretty. Can we watch Cat in the Hat now?"