Tuesday, January 24, 2006

And the Sox have it!

No, I'm not a fan of the Red Sox or the White Sox -- today, it's blue sox. Oldest son's socks, to be exact. Two are in progress, but here's a picture of one. I'm using Wendy's toe-up sock pattern, so wish me luck.

Why are there two in progress? Well, for one thing, I forgot to measure his foot to see how close I was to being ready for the heel. So rather than stop knitting (forbid!), I opted to go ahead and start the second. Second reason: It will allow me to make them the same size pre-heel without counting rows. Yeah, yeah, those two-circ fans will tell me that there's a better way to make them identical, but I'm just not there yet. Besides, I bought two 40-inch number twos and that's just way to much cable for me. I feel like I'm wrestling two snakes and it seems easier to wrestle a single porcupine.

And, since I'm just a joiner, I'm chipping in on the "200X Socks" campaign. Check out my shiny new button on the right sidebar. Uh oh... maybe I should shift my project for the Olympics to socks. But then Vicki would kill me.

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