Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Hat is Done

I finished Cutie Pie's hat this morning and he wants to be on the Internet, so as usual, I do my best to accomodate. Here he is showing off the finished product.

He's very, very happy. He likes the blue stripe (not clearly seen here) the best, so he says.

When my oldest found out that his brother was going to be on my blog, he decided that he'd put in a knitting order. He would like a hat, mittens, a sweater and some socks. In that order. I think he needs a lobotomy first ;) He's reordered them right this second -- socks, sweater, hat and then mittens. Not a bad order, and socks for those little feet shouldn't take long -- or interfere with the Knitting Olympics (only two more weeks of swatching, er, training to go). Oh, and Vicki, I've elected to do your poncho as my Olympic project -- in honor of the Yarn Harlot, who is recovering from DVT. Since they're her brainchild, why not? So you can expect to watch progress online soon. But I can't even cast-on until the opening ceremonies. At least you won't be left wondering when I'll get around to it!

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