Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy 2006!

It's January 1, and I have a few crafting resolutions (including projects to start and complete) to share. Note that there are some things here that you can help with...

  • Knit a Sweater. I've done lots of small projects and a very large poncho. I'm currently working on a shawl that is made from the most exquisite Peruvian Tweed yarn (I'm 3/10 of the way done as of this morning), but I really want to make a sweater. Aunt Sue has pledged to help with problems, so I think when the shawl is done, I'll get started.
  • Finish more than one pair of socks. I seriously suffer from Second Sock Syndrome (SSS), and I admit it. SO, in 2006, I plan on getting a pair of simple anklets done. I have some truly sweet "luxury sock yarn" to help me get started. But socks are a great spring project since they don't overheat your lap.
  • Get Clint's scarf done. He's been watching me make things for folks for months and months, and not once have I seriously worked on a scarf for him. This year, I'm gonna do it.
  • Hold a crop at my house. That's right, you scrapbookers -- after the holidays, I want to have a paper day at my house. So watch your e-mail for details.
  • Pare down my stamp and paper stash. We're in the process of re-doing some rooms in our house, and my paper and stamps are seriously getting in the way. I have rubber stamps for just about everything. Some are unmounted, some are mounted but unused and others are mounted and abused. And I have paper in every color, pattern and texture imaginable. And it seems to be growing, even though I've made a commitment to stop buying non-CM supplies. Keep you eyes peeled to this blog for information on how you can raid my stash for free. I'm plotting a contest of some sort.
  • Teach someone to knit. I taught my assistant at work how to knit in 2005. She may be a convert. I figure, if I teach a person a year, then I'm doing my part to expand the handicraft for a few more generations.
  • Teach more people to scrapbook and preserve their memories. Anyone interested? Let me know!
Well, that's it for January 1. Happy 2006!

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