Saturday, January 28, 2006

More socks

It's the weekend, and I'm finished the toe-up socks for my oldest son. I'm opting not to include a photo because they require some fixing in the gusset area ... there are HOLES in them ... but the holes are equally distributed and uniform, so methinks I had a little problem with the pattern. I think they can be darned and repaired in those areas to close up the holes.

Then and only then will I post a picture.

Of course, I could have frogged back to the area just prior to turning the heel, but how can anyone do that when a seven-year old is eagerly charting progress each and every day?? I'm serious -- one morning this week the first words out of his mouth were, "Mommy, did you turn the heels last night?" No, not "Good morning," or "I don't want to get up today," but "Mommy, did you turn the heels last night."

After they were cast off the needles, I discreetly placed them in an undisclosed location until I can sit down tonight and do some fixing. In the meantime, I started another pair with some Opal yarn I got from someone on line.

And now for some fun. Since I seem to not have very many comments (just two, if my calculations are correct), I've decided to do a little contest -- in an attempt to get folks to read and also to comment. Blogs are interactive, people! So watch this site this week for instructions. Prizes are contingent on your passion -- stamping or knitting.

Stay tuned!

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Aunt J said...

Patience and practice, your grandmother would have said.

I might have a request when you have completed the projects you have lines up, but then again, looking at the project list, that may be a very, very, very long time.