Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Blue Sox, Blocked Sox, Finished Socks

So, I sewed up the socks and fixed their inappropriate holiness and then had Son #1 try them on. And he couldn't get the cuff over his heel. Being the good sport that he was, he complimented me for making them and, being the boy that he is, promptly forgot about them.

So this morning, I decided to put them on a form of sorts -- two kitchen glasses (I didn't take a picture, sorry). And now they are a bit stretched out, but he can fit them over his heels. I think he's happy with them (see guest blog above). And I think they're kinda cute!

But they certainly are stretched. I wonder if they'll shrink back if I wash them again?

I suppose I am happy with them too, given that they were my first attempts at toe-up socks, and my first experience with Sockotta yarn. I can't say I'm thrilled with it ... while I'm sure it's very durable, it's awfully thin and nylon-ey. Oh well. I've moved on to Opal yarn, which I'm LOVING. I figure I can pound out a pair of socks before the Knitting Olympics begin.

I have to find a way to get my local yarn store to carry Opal. I want a ball of the Rainforest "Zebra" pattern ... but it seems there are no YS in MD that carry it. I'm now on a mission.

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