Sunday, February 05, 2006

And the first skein... voila!

I'm hoping that Annie May will stop by and comment on my first attempt at spinning.

Last night, instead of spinning tons of roving only to set the twist and find out that I did it all wrong and made a great big mess, I decided to do a small bit. And here it is:

It's messy. It's bumpy and lumpy. But it isn't a bad first try. I tried a little more today, so I'll keep at it until I have something thin enough to ply and actually use ;)


annie may said...

I'm proud and honored to make a comment. Congratulations on your first skein. It's not the least bit bumpy, just a bit over twisted, but what fun novelty yarn!
Draft a bit more and let a bit more twist run up into the puff that you've drafted. Experiemnt with loose spun and tightly spun yarn to get a command of your spindle twist.
I'd be honored to have a picture of my spindle with your pretty yarn too.
Keep up the great work!
Annie May

annie may said...

Duhhh, I didn't scroll down far enough, I see my little pretty spindle with the yarn on the shaft.
Lovely, lovely.

Whit said...

I'd love it if you'd join my Olympic Team - Team DPN!!


Wendy said...

Your yarn is great! Very impressive first attempt!