Saturday, February 04, 2006


OK, it's official. I'm out of hand.

I went on eBay this week and ordered a drop spindle and some roving to give spinning a try. It arrived today. The roving is absolutely gorgeous -- soft and fluffy like a cloud and a fine hunter green that this picture just doesn't do justice to.

So ... after a short time of reading the how-tos and whatnots (and trying to figure out why my new yarn wasn't automatically winding on the spindle -- duh, that part's manual), I had managed to make this:

It's lumpy and bumpy ... and really, really thin in places, but it's handmade. And it's my very own homespun! A special thanks to Annie May for this wonderful new toy -- and to Wendy's helpful advice in response to my questions about hand spinning.

And now for the really funny part -- when my husband asked what I was doing and I told him (and pointed out that I imagine this would be much easier with a wheel), he pointed out that a spinning wheel could go in our basement. To top things off, our friend Larry (if you read past entries, he's an "appreciator") pointed out the same thing. They're both genuinely impressed, methinks ... and while I think it's great, it could be some very subtle attempt at mind control (if they agree I should get a wheel than I'll follow reverse psychology and NOT get one). I'm not buying it. But they are definitely getting way ahead of my own obsessions.

Spinning is fun ... but getting hooked on it before the Fruit Stripe socks are done and before the Olympics could very well lose me points in the competition.

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