Thursday, February 02, 2006

The "Fruit Stripe Gum" Socks

I've been derelict about posting pictures about these socks, maybe because they are going very well and I don't want to jinx them. I'm nearly done the first one.

A little background. I was browsing the yarn on eBay one day and this caught my eye from a seller in the Netherlands. Apparently, it's a test dye lot, but it's oh so pretty, as you can see.

It came in the mail about two weeks ago and I admired it for a solid week from afar before balling it up. I cast on this past Saturday, but recast the next day when I realized it was WAY too big. I downsized on Sunday morning and got with it.

Now for some reason, I've been taking this sock back and forth in my purse to work every day. I don't quite know why I've been doing this, because I really don't have time to knit at work. But on Monday, a few girls and I went out for lunch and I pulled out my sock and got a few rows done while waiting for my food. One of the girls pointed out that the colors reminded her of Fruit Stripe gum ... and I think she's right. They really are quite a bit of fun.

And I love the wool ... I think Opal is my new sock yarn of choice. It knits up quickly and it's easy on the hands. I've already made it up to start the cuff.

And now it's time to start my day. I sense that I just might finish this one tonight and start her match...

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vicki said...

Cool socks, Wendy! You know, you could surpass Karen Neubauer with your own line of "scrapbooking" socks. Take them to crops and weekends and clean up, girlfriend! Everyone was asking Janet last weekend where she got her socks...