Saturday, February 04, 2006

Random Entry

The countdown to the Knitting Olympics has officially begun for me. They are now six days away (counting down in days seems to be less pressuring for me ... I think if I were to do hours and minutes, I'd go crazy ... you see, I'm trying to get a pair of socks done before I cast on for Vicki's poncho). And I'm making progress and don't want to jinx it.

That's right -- one Fruit Stripe sock down, one started and moving. This year, I am determined not to suffer from SSS -- second sock syndrome. In fact, I cast off yesterday morning before work and immediately began the provisional cast on for the second. There was NO DELAY. If I continue with the same progress as the first, I should have no problem getting it finished and proudly wearing them on Friday during the Opening Ceremonies.

Now, speaking of socks and the Olympics, I have to say that I'm absolutely in love with knitting socks right now (and with Opal sock yarn). I don't want to stop. Which means I'm in a bind ... because I think I want to follow the Yarn Harlot and keep a pair on the needles at all times. They are fun to knit, easy to knit, and very practical (I mean, who DOESN'T need new fun socks all the time??) Everyone who sees me putting one together is intrigued ... and I'm getting more than one look of longing from passersby. There are plenty of feet in my life to cover up. So I'll keep a pair on the sticks through the Olympics. I find them both soothing and extremely portable.

Now for something fun: a word cloud!

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