Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Round and Round I Go

I've been fast at work on Vicki's poncho since my last post ... going around and around ... straight knitting with four yarnovers in every other row. Progress is being made ... and believe it or not, I only have about three more inches to go.

That's good news, considering the fact that I only have about four more days left before the Torino games are over.

And now a little Olympic commentary. Can I just tell you that I just love Chad Hedrick and Shaun White? I don't know why, particularly, I just do. And they medaled for us, which makes it all the better. And Kimmie Meissner's short program yesterday was just too much fun to watch. So enthusiastic -- and that triple-triple combo was to die for. Of course, she hails from a town about 30 minutes from me. Gotta root for the home-town girl.

Keep those medals coming, Team USA!

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