Saturday, April 22, 2006

Classic Ending

The first project of Spring is complete.

I actually finished Fad Classic by Knit and Tonic Wendy a week ago, but haven’t felt well enough this week to blog. I think it turned out pretty well, even though in the time since I completed the vest she found some errors and re-issued the pattern. That's what I get for being so eager.

But, given the fact that I made some minor modifications on my own while I knitted this up, I think it's going to work. I may even hold it for a gift down the road. I have such a tiny chest that I think it may work better for someone with a little more. I just have to pick my victim, er, recipient.

The color is more coral than peach, but not orange. And the stitch pattern makes it seem more crocheted than knitted, which gives the vest a little more bulk than expected.

Fad Classic was a great project. The stitches were fun, and it knitted up quickly. And it made me remember that I really like to work with Tahki Cotton Classic. Back in the fall around the holidays, I made tons of facecloths to accompany the homemade soaps and bath salts that I make each year for Christmas, and the women at my LYS were calling "Wendy the Washcloth Woman" as a result. But then I switched to wool for the rest of the winter. This vest made me yearn for warm weather and spring. While I was working on this project, the weather warmed up nicely and the days were sunny. For the past week, the weather here in the Mid-Atlantic has been a little wet and cloudy.

In my feeble attempt to influence the weather by knitting more cotton, I cast on yesterday for a revised version of the Perfect Pie Shawl in Melanie Falick's Weekend Knitting. I'm making it in Tahki Cotton in a nice ecru -- and think it will be a great transition season wrap. Since I'm doing it on size 10.5 needles, it's very loose and lacy. Beach sand will shake out of it nicely.

Now ... for a big announcement. The name of this blog is going to change. A few months back, I thought that I would start a separate blog for my spinning exploits, and came up with what I thought to be a very clever name ... MUCH more clever than Textile Paradise. So ... I've decided to rename myself. The URL will stay the same for a few weeks, but visitors will notice that the blog has received a nice facelift before the URL changes. Comment and let me know your thoughts!


vicki said...

I like the new look of the site -- very classy :-) Send me the URL when it changes so I can change the link on my site.

Wendy said...

Thanks for sharing! This is the first completed I have seen and I love it. The color is great, too!