Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Leftover Shawl

There's no better way to celebrate a blog's facelift than with a picture of one cute kid. This is Julia, modelling the shawl I made last week while I was home on a sick day.

The piece is called the "Leftover Shawl" because it was a perfect way to use the extra Cotton Classic I've been accumulating for the past few months. The colors went very well together and when I was done, I knew it just wouldn't be mine. It has Julia's name written all over it. I gave it to her on the condition that her mother send me a picture to post.

The pattern is about as easy as it gets -- start with four stitches on size 10 needles. K2, YO, K to end. Repeat on every row. Easy as pie.

And cute as a button!


Wendy said...

I'll be at MSW on Saturday - we're heading down bright and early (and guess where we're going - straight to the Koigu). Unfortunately, I don't know how long we're going to be there, because Christina (Knitty D a.k.a. the driver of the yarn mobile), has to meet a friend back in Philly, so I think we're heading out around 2:30. I heard talk of meeting near the Wendy Knits stand - but I don't know where I heard that, and I could be making it up! Let me know if you hear anything.


Wendy said...

We're heading down to Sheep and Wool on Saturday - bright and early, and I bet you know where we're headed - straight to the Koigu! Unfortunately, Knitty D, Christina and driver of the Wool Mobile, has to meet someone back in Philly, so I think we're taking off sometime around 2:30. I heard talk of meeting at the Wendy Knits table, but that could just be an urban myth.

If you hear anything, let me know!