Sunday, May 07, 2006

At the Sheep & Wool Festival ...

My boys and I headed out yesterday morning for the festival. I honestly do not think that my husband really knew what he was getting himself into. I wish I had taken a picture of the parking. As I said before, this was my first time at the festival, so I just took it all in. What a day.

The first stop was a shot at petting some alpacas. The boys loved it. Since I've been spinning alpaca lately, they thought it was neat to see what it looks like on the animal. They were happy to find out that it was just as soft in the raw as it is on the spindle.

And then we headed into the main exhibition for the Koigu. Looked everywhere for the booth, but couldn't find it. So I moved on to other things. Like fiber. My husband (bless his soul) was touching and feeling the rovings and fleeces trying to help find ones I'd like. At the same time, he was managing the boys -- all so I could wander, touch and drool.

The rest of the day is a blur -- wandering through booth after booth after booth looking at fibers and spindles and yarns and threads. Watching the sheep being sheared and learning how to properly pet a sheep (flat hand, please). I honestly had no idea that a finger poke could hurt the sheep if rain were to permeate the surface and could possible cause the fleece to rot. You learn something new every day. Sheep are amazing animals.

They are absolutely adorable. Here are some of the fine specimens we got to see:

There was even an allusion to my all-time favorite book. These sheep were easily my favorite for that simple reason.

And I had absolutely no problem sampling the lamb. Neither did my son.

I'll post more tomorrow about purchases, etc. Hope everyone else had as good a time as I did!

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Wendy said...

Sorry I missed you! The entire day was a blur, I never had any idea what time it was, where the stage was, but . . . we did find the Koigu.

I've been having such technical difficulties all day with the darn podcast, I haven't done any blogging - but I'll have my post up soon!