Saturday, May 06, 2006

Today's the Day!

I woke up at 6 a.m. today with a feeling like Santa had come to town. So I brewed my coffee, it's now 7:15 and now I wait. Wait for the time to head out to the fairgrounds for Sheep and Wool. I don't live far from the fairgrounds, so I don't need to get a tremendously early start.

Besides, I'm going to have company. Yes, my three men are going with me. Yesterday, Christopher, aka "The Yarn Sniffer" asked what there would be at the "Sheep and Wool Festibal"(sic) and when I told him there would be sheep and alpacas, tons of yarn and lots of other fun stuff for mommy to do, he told me that it sounded like there would be lots of fun stuff for him to do, too. And then he gave me the look. Moms know it. It's the please, pretty please, I'll never ask for anything else for the rest of my life until I die look. So I relented, and he nearly burst out of his skin.

Truth be told, the Yarn Sniffer is my constant companion on stash enhancement expeditions, and he loves to watch me knit and spin. He checks all the yarn in my LYS for "snuggleability" and sniffs them all. If they smell good and feel good on his face, he begs me to buy a skein for the stash. He's already on a crawl for yarn for mittens for next year. He doesn't yet have the patience to learn to knit, but something tells me that when he does, he may just ask me to try to teach him again.

So my agreeing to allow the Yarn Sniffer to accompany me to the festival started a whole other string of events. When my husband came home from work (pulled a later night than usual), our excitement must have been infectious. My oldest son was clamoring to go too, and I was immersed in my wish list. Nothing much was said until later, when he announced, "We ought to take Zachary's uniform with us just in case we're running late getting back."

Now my husband for years now has chided me for my knitting. HOWEVER, slowly but surely, I'm winning him over. His laughter and mockery led me to not make him anything handmade this winter, and he finally a few weeks ago made a comment about it. He'd like a v-neck sweater in fine wool, thank you, and he'd even like to help pick out the yarn. And the other day, I got "You've started another shawl? You never even showed me the last one."

He's interested. I'm sure of it. We'll see if he can survive MSW. More later.

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