Wednesday, June 07, 2006

On Spinning Silk

Just a teaser today ... no knitting but some two-ply bombyxx silk that I spun over the past two days.

I used two Bosworths midi spindles for the singles and then plied together using the "spindles stuck in a box" method (as opposed to Andean plying). Hubby was very good natured about keeping the spindles in their respective slots in the box (they kept popping out). This worked much better than Andean plying, which resulted in my having a serious psycho moment and cutting the jumbled, tangled mess from my hand since it wouldn't ply. I'm not entirely sure I have enough twist to that, but that will be remedied with a wheel, I think. I've included a penny for scale here.
Interested in comments and thoughts, so please drop in and post. I'm also interested in thoughts from wheel users and how the spinning differs from spindling ...

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