Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Happiness in August

Let's face it. When you're busy in every single area of your life, it isn't always easy to be as happy as you want to be (unless of course you're busy with things that aren't work). I find it even more difficult to be happy in this horrific August heat. Triple digits today.

But I'm going to try. While other folks are out there playing Sock Wars and defeating foes by finishing projects, Wendy over at Knit and the City is putting a happier spin on things. She's going to finish six projects in August, which sounds like a good plan. The catch is that she's not going to cast on any new ones.

I think I'll join her -- though last night I had to scramble to get one last project on the needles. I have a bunch of things to finish this month.

Exhibit A: The Hemp Ponchette from LanaKnits. Here's a closeup of the lace pattern:

Exhibit B: The Fiber Trends Sheep Shawl (This one's a Christmas gift, though I do not wish to disclose the recipient's name at this time)

Exhibit C: Koigu "Charlotte's Web" Shawl (I started this one last night in a mad attempt to make sure I had enough to work on in August without having to cast on any other projects. I'm on row 57 already; this may not have been the wisest thing to cast on. It knits up so quickly and, well, let's just say I now know why everyone goes gaga over this yarn. I bought this back in May at MDS&W and haven't been able to bring myself to crack it open and use it for fear of not being Koigu-worthy. So I'm opting for a Koigu pattern and hoping I don't screw it up.

Exhibit D (not pictured): Feather and Fan Socks (I'm on the first sock's cuff; I'm doing them toe-up, so I don't have that much more to do before starting the second)

Exhibit B: The Pi Shawl (Note: The edging was completed on July 31, but I'm reserving this as an unfinished project because it still needs blocking and that's gonna take me some serious time.

And now, to start August off with a smile, I leave you with an example of what you find when you check on the Yarn Sniffer (who loves to swim) when he's in the shower:

I swear, I nearly wet my pants.


Wendy said...

Welcome to the team - your ducks are in order, you've gotten the last cast on out of your system - so fill up that water bottle, and we're off to the races!


jmatthews said...

Sounds like you will be pretty busy this month. Very pretty shawl. The "Yarn Sniffer" is a nut.