Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Progress in Dallas

Well, I'm back from a whirlwind business trip to Dallas. In on Sunday (very late landing) and out on Tuesday (left very early) and I'm downright exhausted. Weary exhausted. The kind where you just can't think of sleeping so you drink more coffee until you black out later in the day exhausted. Oh well. To top it all off, I forgot to take my camera.

OK! As stated earlier this month (which wasn't long ago given that it's only the 8th), I'm teaming up with Knit and the City Wendy to have a very happy August. Happy to me this month means not casting on any new projects, or buying any new yarn from my local yarn store. From the get-go, I reserved the right to cast on new socks and possibly get a fabulous yarn at an out-of-town locale ... but ONLY if it was one that my LYS didn't have.

I worked most of the day yesterday, but found time late in the day to head over to the only yarn store in Dallas that was within walking distance of my hotel. I didn't walk though, because it looked like they were going to have one hell of a storm (if I had taken the camera, I'd be able to show you -- it was breathtaking watching the storm come in over the big Texas sky). As it turns out, my cab driver only took a few extra minutes finding the little gem of Dallas known as The Shabby Sheep.

It's a charming little store, in a little house that fits rather nicely into the cityscape. (Thanks to the owner, Rhonda, who told me I could copy the picture from their website and put it on my blog ... even after finding out that I am not Wendy of WendyKnits. But alas, their site has a lot of Flash and I can't get the photo. Do go look at the pictures. It's a really cute shop -- and if you're ever in Dallas, stop by. Ronda's little dog Abby will greet you by licking your toes!)

I was determined not to buy anything that I couldn't get at Cloverhill here in Catonsville, and so I was drawn to this:

This is Knit One, Crochet Two's Gourmet line, in Truffles. Not only does it feel like I want to bury my face in it and gobble it up like truffles, this feels like chenille, and it will be a scarf. I also picked up some Regia in a colorway that Cloverhill doesn't carry (again, it's for socks, so I don't count it. And it made me happy!)

I bid Ronda farewell after a long discussion about Charlotte's Web. I have made great progress (as you really can't see from this photo -- I will try to drape her over the pillow she adorned after Night One a week ago to try to give some scale. This is from knitting on a four legs of my round-trip flight as well as in my hotel room. I'm on the third skein, and had to stop shortly after taking off from Chicago to come home because I forgot to wind another skein and didn't want to run out mid-flight.

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