Friday, August 11, 2006

Some Shawl!

She's terrific, she's radiant and she's humble. I cast off the edging this morning, while the men in my house were all sleeping (even the dog). It's a shame I couldn't let out a big "Whoop!" She's beautiful.

I cast off the outer edge last night and immediately started on the edging. Here it is, all done before blocking.

I really should have done this edging on the pi shawl. This edge only took me a few hours to complete. Yet another lesson learned from Charlotte.

Granted, I only used three skeins of Koigu (remember, I didn't want anything big -- and I really only cut out the last two pattern repeats), but this project went relatively quickly. The bonus? I have two skeins left and can make matching socks!

My vacation officially started today. We head out to the beach on Sunday, so I have Mommy things to do. But this afternoon, I plan on sitting down and hammering out a few more points on the ponchette ... maybe that one's almost off the needles too?

I'm saving the sock and the sheep shawl for beach knitting. In the meantime, I leave you with Charlotte, blocked and drying. Let me know your thoughts!


Wendy said...

Charlotte looks awesome!


janine said...

Really Pretty! The edging really works.