Saturday, August 12, 2006

Pi R Blocked

Yesterday, I had myself a blocking extravaganza. And you can count off one more of my marathon targets.

Pi is done. All blocked and beautiful.

(Photo courtesy of The Yarn Sniffer, who is also treating us to a self portrait complete with a very dirty face from the last day of summer camp.)

I'd show you a picture of the actual blocking, but it was happening on my bed and our paisley comforter really interfered with the Zephr. You just couldn't make out much of the patterning of the shawl. I can say this, though: My homemade lace pattern didn't turn out half bad.

Now, in other marathon news, I've gotten a bit more done on the sheep shawl. I also finished one of the Claudia socks. Problem is, I hate what I did with the cuff so I really need to abandon this sock. Since I reserved the right to start a new sock in August (and not start anything else), I started another to take its place. The goal is to complete one full sock and meet the August goal (though I hope to come out a sock ahead and get a pair done).

Progress is a wonderful thing.

P.S.: I'm lusting after that Swallowtail Shawl in the newest Interweave and that's gonna be first on the sticks Sept. 1!


Jennie said...

Beautiful!!! I love the color! I want closeups of the stitch work!

Jennie said...

Also! I love the edging on your Charlotte's Web!