Friday, August 10, 2007

The Beat Goes On

As promised, I'm back this afternoon for yet another post. I'm still at home, though this morning I'll certainly admit that I wasn't that sure I'd make it past the early afternoon without summoning my hubby home. A three-hour nap did wonders, and while I'm still contracting away, it looks like we'll make it through afternoon and early evening -- at least. Who knows what tonight or this weekend will bring. Works out well because the doctor on call today is not one I particularly care for (though it's not Dr. Serious). Dr. Wonderful is on call on Sunday, so we'll see.

I got a little more knitting done this afternoon. One wee Conwy sock. Another will be started tonight after dinner.

I should point out that the colors are just not showing up well in these photos. This is (oddly enough) "Peter Pan" by the Wendy brand, and is a soft synthetic blend (which I normally don't like) filled with pale blues, yellows and greens. The band on the Conwy hat was done in some leftover Baby Ull that I had from earlier in the year when I knit Courtney's Basil blanket. I didn't think I had enough for another full hat (even baby size) so I sought out a complementary yarn. The owner of my LYS gifted me the yarn for the babe ... so L'il I can wear a little bit of Cloverhill and Ms. Chris on his first day out in public (the hat and socks are designed to coordinate with his coming home outfit).


Let me say first that I've never reallyl done a blog contest. I've seen them, and even participated here and there, but I've never done one. So I apologize sincerely if this one is lame.

You see, I need a pattern for this yarn:

This is Nature's Palette sock yarn in the "Lilacs" pattern. Lilacs have a special meaning for me -- they were my grandmother's favorite flower and I some of my fondest memories of her revolve around this flower. She had gorgeous lilac bushes that would explode each spring with blossoms and we could fill our arms and baskets and vases and still leave the bushes full, it seemed. She also had a lovely carnival glass vase that we would stuff full and put on her dining room table under her chandelier. This yarn is absolutely gorgeous and the subtle varigation really does look like a lilac bush in full bloom.

So ... I need to do something spectacular with it. There are two skeins, and almost 400 yards. I'm a petite girl (5' 2"), so I don't do large wraps. I don't think it would do this sock justice to make it into socks.

Here's the plan. Today is August 10. From now until August 30 (so we all have plenty of time to plot and scheme and do things like give birth, LOL), I will be looking for ideas on what to do with this yarn and this is part of the contest. But you gotta comment to enter.

Some guidelines:
  • Leave your suggestion for the Lilac yarn in a comment. All suggestions earn commenters an entry in a drawing that will be made at random in early September.
  • The person who submits the design I choose also wins a prize.
  • Other prizes may be awarded as suggestions reveal themselves.
  • Additional comments (one per post, please), earn extra entries in the drawing -- 1 per comment.

It's that simple. Probably a lame contest, but I hope to get some good ideas for the yarn, meet some new knitters and maybe grab a few new readers along the way. I also hope to have the yarn knitted up in time for October 22 -- the 12-year anniversary of my grandmother's passing (and also the 12-year anniversary of the year that the lilacs bloomed in October).

Winners get sock yarn -- I have two lovely skeins of Mountain Colors Bearfoot and some other yummy yarns to share.

Start your engines.


Jolene said...

Thanks for the comment on the baby sweater. It is really small at the guage I did but easily upscaled. Just as questions if you need help with the untest knit pattern.
I hope your delivery is uneventful, besides having a baby of course! We will have to chat boys since I will need some pointers.

KimW said...

I know you said you don't usually wear a large wrap, but the color of the yarn and the story about the lilacs made me think of the Flower Basket shawl pattern (is that too corny?). I don't know if you'll be nursing for any length of time, but it might make a pretty cover-up. Anyway, sending good thoughts for an easy delivery!

bookwoman said...

How about Chapeau Marnier from Knitty?

It would probably only use one skein. But it is a beautiful pattern. Pair that with a branching out scarf, and you could be quite the fashionably knit-clad mama with new baby.

The little socks are adorable as well. Hope the wee one arrives soon.

Julia said...

How about the Traveling Vine Scarf from Dogs Steal Yarn? It's a free pattern found at this link:
I've started it and it's an easy knit, on top of not being huge.