Sunday, August 12, 2007

Still Cookin...

Despite the fact that I've been having contractions EVERY TEN MINUTES for the past FORTY-EIGHT HOURS, I'm still here at home with no baby yet. Good thing, too, because Dr. Serious was the one on call today! I know because I called this morning just to make sure I wasn't missing anything important ... after all, this little guy is, well, little, and I don't want him burning unnecessary calories (or weight!) in a prolonged latent labor phase.

But you know what? Dr. Serious is completely different when you're in labor. I swear. She (for once) totally understood the concern and said that as long as he's bumping around and wiggly (which he is) he's fine. Told me to eat, eat, eat all day ('cause they won't let me eat anything once I go to the hospital -- been there, done that) and try to rest as much as possible. Pretty normal stuff, actually (remember, this is baby #3 for me -- I've just never had them be quite so stubborn once they decide to vacate. Both older boys were super-fast labors and deliveries. I've heard all of this before). She recommended hanging out at home until I got the gut instinct to head to the hospital; urged me to trust my instincts but to call her if anything at all changed or if I had any other concerns or questions.

But then -- get this -- she blew me away six hours later by calling me (unpaged) just to check and see how I was doing and to see if anything had changed. Turns out she was headed in to evening rounds and didn't want me to worry about bugging her if I wanted to go and get the ole cervix checked (remember, I was 3 cm on Wednesday and two days of active contracting has to make some progress). I opted to stay home for a nap instead (at this point it was 4 p.m.). I didn't really sleep, just rested restlessly (?!?) for two hours. Once I got up, the contractions passed for a bit before kicking in a little later.

Zee and I ran up the street to get some last-minute things for the hospital bag (like another bottle of face wash and camera batteries) and that seemed to help a bit. However, shortly after dinner, the contractions have kicked in again. They are more intense now, hence my writing this entry at 12:45 AM (I am NEVER up this late). My husband has launched his nesting mode.

I'm upgrading to an Orange Alert based on all of these factors. Dr. Wonderful is on call tomorrow, so my plan is to make it through tonight if I can and call her first thing in the a.m. if we're still chugging along status quo. Since she wants to induce on Wednesday, I'm hoping she'll spring for meeting me at the hospital tomorrow and setting the process in motion. If it continues through Wednesday, I think I'll lose my mind.

In the meantime, no news from me here for a day is actually good news. Zee or Hubby will be a guest blogger to let everyone know the news once L'il I has arrived.

P.S.: I finished the second baby Conwy, but you'll have to wait and see it being modeled by the babe (camera is packed in the hospital bag just in case we have to go tonight and I'm too tired to dig it out anyway)


Jolene said...

Good Luck and Congratulations. I will be thinking of you all.

Theresa said...

The Z baby and I will be thinking of you and the little guy. I hope all goes smoothly for you.

Sarah said...

Good Luck Wendy!!!

Wendy said...

Looks like I checked back in just in time - good luck - and hope all went well!